Military Advanced Technology

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Military Technology

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The United States Military has developed an extensive list of technologies that are utilized in their day to day operations. These technologies are necessary for an efficient and successful military as well as a high tech society. One such important technology is the military’s use of its Situational Awareness Cooling System (SAS) or Electronic warfare system. This cooling system allows military members to communicate with each other even if they are thousands of miles apart. The use of this electronic war-fighting system is known as the Tactical Awareness Displays Information (TADIS) which allows the enemy to be distracted while the United States military takes its position and fights a particular battle.

The military has utilized technology for centuries. Most countries in the world were old technology. When the Romans first used fire they set their camp on a hill and burned it to ashes. The Persians also utilized fire as a weapon and the Chinese built bridges, aqueducts and buildings with fire. Each time the military would develop new weapons they would study ancient technology to improve on it.

The US military uses its situational awareness to great effect. Their use of the Electronic Data Acquisition System (EDAS) allows them to communicate real-time information like enemy positions, troop movements, times of day and alert enemy soldiers to enemy attacks and stop them before they reach their objectives. Through this method of using electronic data to gather and consolidate data the military can use it in any combat situation and win the day. One such futuristic computerized systems is the future headgear subsystem that will enable soldiers to fight effectively underwater by using sonar.

Another very important piece of advanced military technology is the Joint Tactical Information Distribution System or JTIDS. It is essentially a radio that links up to a large display screen and various other sensors. A soldier inside of a Jeep, tank or aircraft can easily access all the information that he needs from his computer in a matter of minutes through a simple handheld device. If a military situation where critical data is necessary is to be engaged, the data will be immediately uploaded to the computers of the various members of the combat group. In that case, the tactical information can be instantly manipulated by the group leader.

Military Advanced Technology

Some military technologies are not so advanced yet. For instance, military ships have been using radar systems for many years as a way to detect other ships in the area. Now, the military is working on mini-dragons, which are smaller versions of a full size warship. These mini-dragons will have many of the same capabilities as their larger counterparts. The military is also researching new high-tech paintball guns to replace their old M1 carbines.

The military is also involved in the business of advanced technology for civilian applications. There are military surplus stores that allow military personnel to keep their existing equipment or buy new items that they can use on a short term basis. This is an important consideration because there is limited funding in the military. If there is a need for military personnel to have more items on hand, such as armor, it may be wise to order the items through the military surplus store rather than through the normal channels.

The military has made great strides in many fields over the years. One area that has benefited is the field of medical assistance. Medical technology has advanced quite a bit in the past twenty years and the military has been at the forefront of this research. Today, the military has researchers that are involved in studying and researching ways to improve the life expectancy and the quality of life of military personnel.

Military medical experts are exploring ways to increase the effectiveness of the health care received by military personnel. They are also investigating ways to counter the effects of traumatic brain injury. All of these areas of advanced military technology are helping to make the military a stronger and more functional unit.